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Mr. Garrett is the best. I filed for bankruptcy in the past. I left my old attorney to come to him. The staff is perfect. He and his staff are like an assembly line. The lady takes the money and is really nice. The guy finishes the touch. They get along so well. I love them.

- G.T.

Mr. Garrett was very friendly and understanding of my situation. He took time out to break down the whole process. All of his staff members were very nice and helpful. I would recommend anyone considering filing bankruptcy go see him. You won't be let down. The process went very smoothly and now I'm on track to a fresh start. Thanks, Mr. Garrett and staff, for all you guys have done for me!!! May your law firm exceed the expectations of helping individuals just like myself. Be blessed!!!

- S.C.

They are very understanding and extremely helpful in understanding what is needed in your case. They explained everything that was needing to be done.

- D.T.

Love this office! They are very friendly, get you on the right track, and help you to succeed after your case ! I was told about every rule and everything that I didn't know before! Great law firm.

- C.B.