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Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
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Jonathan Garrett

Jonathan Garrett

Attorney at Law

Having previously worked in the oil and gas industry during an economic downturn, attorney Jonathan Garrett saw firsthand the stress and uncertainty that a serious financial crisis can have. Anyone's personal life or business can be thrown into chaos when met with a sudden emergency. As an experienced lawyer, Jonathan now uses his understanding of the law to provide steady legal guidance to individuals going through complicated financial times. If you are in need of legal representation while filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or going through foreclosure in the greater Memphis, Tennessee area, reach out to the Law Office of Jonathan Garrett today and schedule your free consultation.


How Working with a Skilled Attorney Can Make a Difference

What to Expect When You Come to the Law Office of Jonathan Garrett

Detailed Representation

When the rest of your life is hanging in the balance with your financial situation, you need an attorney who will work diligently to make sure everything is done the right way. Jonathan Garrett has the knowledge and insight to handle your case with excellence.

Personalized Attention

You and your case are unique and can't just be treated with a "cookie-cutter" approach. Jonathan Garrett will take the time to learn the details of your specific situation and help you create a custom strategy that is tailored to suit your needs and goals.

Clear Communication

With so much at stake, you deserve to have legal representation who places a high value on being available and accessible to listen to your concerns, keep you updated, explain all of your legal options, and answer all of your important questions along the way.

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You Don't Have to Stay Buried Under Your Debt

Serious financial problems can happen to anyone, no matter their background or their position in life. When trouble strikes, having a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney on your side can help you weather the storm and start moving in the right direction. At the Law Office of Jonathan Garrett, you can receive the legal counsel and reliable representation you need to deal with your debt and take the necessary steps to build a stable financial future.

Filing for bankruptcy does not have to be a permanent negative mark on your record. In reality, bankruptcy can offer a variety of benefits to not only help you climb out from under your crushing debt but also put the right building blocks in place to reach a secure position to move forward. Bankruptcy is a way to protect and maintain possession of your assets, like your home and your car, and prevent debt collection harassment while you get back on your feet.

From a Chapter 7 plan to liquidate your assets to eliminate your debt, to establishing a debt repayment plan through Chapter 13, Jonathan Garrett will explain all of the available options and help you determine what type of bankruptcy filing will work for you and your situation. A brighter tomorrow can be within your reach when you trust your case to a seasoned bankruptcy attorney. Let Jonathan Garrett be your guide through the bankruptcy process.

Jonathan Garrett will work with you to stop the foreclosure process and halt creditors from taking action to seize your assets. You don't have to face these difficult challenges alone. If you are filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or need help with foreclosure in Germantown, Arlington, Covington, Fayette, or Shelby County, call the Law Office of Jonathan Garrett in Memphis, Tennessee to schedule a free consultation.