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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Are You Overwhelmed by Debt & Creditor Harassment?
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Call The Law Office Of Jonathan Garrett for Guidance Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Has your personal debt become unmanageable? Are you tired of struggling to pay your mortgage or medical bills?

Don't worry - there is hope. Contact The Law Office Of Jonathan Garrett. Our Memphis, TN bankruptcy attorney can help you explore your options for bankruptcy protection. Jonathan Garrett is a trusted attorney focusing on Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He's helped Tennesseans at every income level restructure their debt. He'd love to assist you, too!
Jonathan Garrett will properly tell your side of the story and fight for your bankruptcy case and help to remove your debt! We will take an in-depth look into your chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy case and assist you with the best approach for success. Call 901-323-3200 today to schedule a free consultation.

3 Times to Consider Bankruptcy

Avoid home foreclosure in Memphis, Tennessee

Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an easier and more common process than most people realize. Here are three times to consider it:

  1. You have substantial medical debt. Unfortunately, doctor and hospital bills can add up quickly during a medical emergency.
  2. Your spouse loses his or her job. Losing half of your monthly income can make it impossible to pay your mortgage, car lease and other bills.
  3. Your credit card debt is out of control. The interest rates on credit cards can make them extremely hard to pay off.

Learn your options for bankruptcy with The Law Office Of Jonathan Garrett. Call 901-323-3200 to request a free phone or in-person consultation.

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